Dotty is the pioneer brand of aftermarket seat covers.

We have started from leather seat installation and have rich experience in this business.
After experience in the leather seat business, we have started as a pioneer of the aftermarket seat cover business.. We are constantly developing better products.

The seat covers we produce are compatible with side air bags

Please see this experiment video

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Due to lack of public standard, we have done this experiment using real cars.
This experiment was undertaken at the official Japanese Government licensed factory on December 22, 2008.

Concept is “A cover that does not look like a cover”

We have made improvements after improvements in order to make it as close to the leather seat as possible.

Research, development, production, and marketing is all done in house.

Product planning to Marketing is done in Japan

Our staff is at our own factory in East Asia. The factory has skilled and experienced staff and we pride in the level of our quality control.

Our professional staff with abundant seat cover knowledge inspects each shipment.

We can attend to even the smallest needs of our customers.

Our production is flexible enough to adjust to the request of our customers.

Planning / development

We are always In the market and are a market driven company.
Design is the very important part of the production to achieve the best quality for each seat.


Production is done overseas. After development is done in Japan, our skilled staff will hand make each seat, inspected, and shipped.
After opening our own factory, our production capacity has increased dramatically


After arriving in Japan, our professional staff will re-inspect the products. We use average of 45 minutes per set for this re-inspection process.
Those defects that even the customers may not find, our professionals will find and make sure only the highest quality is shipped.