This is a upper model of our popular Luxur-spolt design with an accent

By dividing the center space to three by lines, the design is even more youthful

We make new design pattern for each order. Accordingly, the our production capacity is limited to 10 per month.
Expected delivery is 45 days (may change by the amount of back order)

Color (DEP-SPYDER) 下記のカラーで組み合わせ


  • The color in this webpage may differ from actual color


SS-PVC (Super soft PVC leather). This material with special treatment keeps the soft feel of the leather much longer than real leather.

Design details

■Design is in most part up to us

■SS-PVC with the same color as the side stitch is placed in 2 cm with. (center slit two tone and stitch)

■Solid color is also available by request

■20mm thick sponge is used in the center part to enhance fitting feel

■Double stitched.  (There may be places where single stitch is used depending on the shape of the seats.


■“Wing line” is being implemented to emphasize sharp image.
For some seats, “wing line” will not be available

Two tone slit pattern is used for the center part

Double stitches for edges

Color of stitches may be slightly different between double stitch and single stitch

On the back of the front seats, back pocket comes standard.

A convenient back pocket to store small items comes standard

If you car comes with “back table,” back pocket is not available
For some cars with pocket on the back panel, we may intentionally leave the back open for aesthetic reasons.


Dotty Tag

Dotty tag (testimony of quality) will be placed in the back of the front seats (Limited products do not come with the tag)

Color of stitches can be changed. (option 10% higher)

Actual color may be slightly different from the color you see here.

Dotty logo

Dotty logo can be placed in the back part of the front seat (no additional charge)


Materials スポンジ厚み ヘッドレスト穴 フチ処理 Wing line 柔らかさ
SS-PVC 10mm
センター部 20mm
△ [1] Double stitched [2] ○ [3]

[1] Some cars do not have head rest holes
[2] Some seat types only allow single stitches,
[3] Some seat types will have no wing line.